A Long Year

It has been  a long year. Six months is a long time for not writing a post. For that, I’m sorry, but as I said, it’s been a long year. For many days, I wondered what would become of me. It was touch-and-go most of that time, and to an extent…still is. Yet, now I have a slightly better feeling where this may lead.

Photography has always been an important aspect in my life. However, I realize that for most of the time, I took it for granted. There was always that voice in the back of my mind that said, “oh, I can do that,” when I saw a beautiful photograph. I was trained by wonderful photographic teachers and an excellent portrait photographer. Whenever I pointed my camera towards a subject, I instinctively knew that it would be the perfect shot. It wasn’t long when I realized that I was just being cocky.

Yes, my images were good, but they could’ve been better. The thing was, I grew bored. At first, I thought it was the photography itself, but no. It was something else, life. Over the many years that I’ve felt like this, my life has been adrift under a cloudy sky. For so long, I didn’t have the good fortune of reacquiring my bearings. I was lost.

I’m a visually creative person. As a child, I would draw. Then in junior high school, I became a photographer which continued to senior high and college (school newspapers and yearbooks.) I miss working in a “real” darkroom, which lead me to my time as a professional darkroom technician at an awesome studio. I even did the retail gig as a photographic sales associate and store manager.

Then…life got in the way. It seems as we get older our dreams seem to lose traction. Thus, this was the beginning of my wanderings. There were times I thought I could “focus” my energies towards my photography, again. Yet, those were fleeting moments in time. If only it could stick this time. I want it so badly. Maybe…

Sherlock Holmes was right. My answers might be hiding right in front of me, being so obvious that I would be too embarrassed to admit it. I have to smile at that. 🙂

I’m not getting any younger, and the images from life that I want to capture won’t take themselves. It’s time for me to find the North Star, Polaris, and quit my wandering. Then, humbly pick up my camera, and never let it go!



Getting My Hands Dirty

Well, now I’ve done it.

I’m doing research for starting an online photography gallery with e-commerce provided by PhotoShelter. They provide some much needed services that I hope will help me make some money. I don’t have to get rich, just be able to have the resources to share my work around the world, and let people purchase it if they wish.

Getting an unique domain name was also on my list, and I acquired something awesome: my name with a domain of “(dot)photography.” You can go there now to, jmiltongershom.photography, but I don’t have anything published yet. There are also some other business duties I need to do with PayPal, as well.

In the meantime, I’m trying to schedule myself to do some more picture taking, but my “regular” job sometimes has priority. I’ll also will be incorporating this blog on my business website.

Time for business oriented duties other than picture taking are now calling me, so I’ll make some future post as to my progress. Please visit when you have the time! Thanks!

Friday Night Cinema

Lately, I’ve been watching movies that involve photography, with some ‘focusing’ on photographers. There are a fair number of them around, if you don’t mind hunting for them. Within this list, there are both dramatic and documentary titles. Here is a modest representation of some of my favourites. I inserted Youtube trailers so you don’t have to seek them out. Maybe you’ll find one to watch tonight, or possibly sometime this weekend. I hope you’ll enjoy.

The Bang Bang Club – Official Trailer

The Killing Fields – Official Trailer

Blow Up – Official Trailer

Blow Up – On location documentary…45 years later

Funny Face – Official Trailer

Photographing Fairies – Trailer

The Eyes of Laura Mars – Trailer

The Public Eye – Official Trailer

Rear Window – Official Trailer

One Hour Photo – Official Trailer

Here are a couple of documentaries:

Finding Vivian Maier – Official Trailer

The Mexican Suitcase – Trailer

Waiting Out The Cold

It’s frustrating when you want to go outside and take pictures, but it’s too cold. Right now, here in Grand Island, Nebraska, the temp is -1F with a windchill of -17F. Unfortunately, my ‘prosumer’ Canon T1i is only rated for a low temperature of 32F, and I know that cold weather just loves to play havoc with camera batteries. These are the times when I miss my first manual SLR film camera, the Olympus OM-1. It was totally mechanical, and it didn’t need a battery to operate, except for the light meter. That’s when, if I needed a meter reading, I would use my Vivitar 30 selenium hand held light meter. As a young teenager, I thought I was in heaven.

If the current weather forecast for my area stays on track, then tomorrow should be in the low 30’s. With any luck, everything else should be favourable, too. I don’t mind bad weather, but my camera gear does. Maybe someday I’ll be able to afford the type of equipment that can hold its own in such weather circumstances. For now, use what you got; you might surprise yourself.

Laying The Groundwork

With any new project, there are some things that need to be planned out and defined. This blog is no different. I wanted to write an introductory post earlier today, which I did. Now, I am figuring out what kind of structure to add, like different pages for the menu, then sub pages. After that, comes the content for the new additions.

As my blog takes shape, there will be more posts to come. I still need to create more content for them, but I want to make sure that the layout is sound. There is one important point that I’d like to mention, and that is, wordpress.com is a wonderful platform to start and maintain a blog.

If anyone who visits would like to make any recommendations and/or requests, then please do.

I thought I should post a photograph I’d recently taken.

The Union Pacific runs right through the middle of Grand Island, Nebraska. You can lose count as to how many coal trains pass by.

The Union Pacific runs right through the middle of Grand Island, Nebraska. You can lose count as to how many coal trains pass by.

A Day Late…

I was meaning to start my blog yesterday. It’s only a day late. Hopefully, the rest of my year won’t be like this.

Photography is very important to me. Yet, I admit that I don’t use my skills on a daily basis. This will change. I started photography at an early age, but not truly appreciating the medium until I was thirteen years old. I’ll get into that with later posts.

For now, to ‘break the ice’ as it were, I’d like to post the first photograph I took. It was on Christmas Day in 1968. I was seven years old, and the camera was my parents’ Sears and Roebuck 126mm Instamatic. As I reflect on this image, taken so many years ago, I realize not only how far I’ve come, but how far I still need to go. Also, for some of you who may not realize it, this might be interesting. The night before this photograph was taken…Christmas Eve…my family and I listened to the historic Apollo 8 holiday broadcast as they orbited the Moon.

It was Christmas morning in 1968. Already, I was experimenting on the 'rule of thirds.'

This is my very first photograph. It was Christmas morning in 1968. Already, I was experimenting with the ‘rule of thirds.’